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Designer Spotlight: @nellieprattjewelry ✨

Designer Spotlight: @nellieprattjewelry ✨

In this edition of Designer Spotlight we catch up with the talented @nellieprattjewelry!

When it comes to intricate and chic jewelry @nelliepratttyjewelry has carved out a unique and recognizable design style all her own. Her designs incorporate creative thinking with a focus on interesting and contrasting beading materials. Keep reading to learn more about her process and inspirations.

@nellieprattjewelry ✨ How did you get into jewelry making? 💖

I was on bedrest for two months with my baby and needed a hobby. Beading was popular so my husband brought me pliers and split rings from his fishing tackle and a shoe box of 1920s costume jewelry from the attic. It was my great- grandmother’s, Nellie Pratt. Right there in bed I started beading. For years it was just my creative outlet. I’d make something, post to Instagram and go on with my life. I didn’t think anyone was looking at my dorky posts. But I tagged the Bead Chest who reposted a necklace, and it literally changed my life. That necklace is called the Instafamous.

What kind of Jewelry pieces are your favorite to make? ❄️

Statement, for sure. Bold, brave and unabashed. I love to make a piece that is so out of the ordinary it would make people look twice. I mean who doesn’t love getting comments on their jewelry? I love stringing necklaces and letting the design/pattern kind of just happen. Some of my most successful pieces are happy accidents.

What types of Beads are your favorite to work with? 

Hands down, Bead Chest’s recycled glass beads. Everyone should have them in their hoard, no matter their style. I’m a sucker for semi-precious gemstones, especially the lower grades because the imperfections make them unique and organic feeling. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a girly-girl who loves her sparkly crystals and shiny metals, but there’s something special about earthy, unsophisticated beads. And gemstone metaphysical properties are so interesting.

What is your biggest Jewelry Designing Achievement? 💙

I wouldn’t call it an achievement but most jewelry makers would relate- I saw my jewelry on the news anchor of a local television station. I ran to the tv to take a picture! Oh and when Cher, THE Cher, commented on one of my jewelry posts. 

Who is a Jewelry Designer that inspires you? 🌀

I have so many whom I fangirl over so I cannot choose just one. They all inspire me to be better and try new things. Several have become instafriends and we trade advice, share techniques and pump up each other. Iris Apfel, a fashion icon with outrageous jewelry has a quote, “more is more and less is a bore.” That inspires me in my designing.

Where can our followers purchase designs from you? ❄️

Right from my Instagram or Facebook page, just tap on the picture of what you like. Or, for the whole range, 

#TheBeadChest 🌀

We love spotlighting creative work and want to feature more talented Jewelry Designers!

So who should we feature next?

Tag your favorite Jewelry Designers in the comments below. ✨

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I think your work is delightful and inspiring. Please show more.

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