Silver Lion of Judah Star Pendant (62x38mm)

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Customer Reviews

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Fast and Quality Service

Thank you for the quick and easy service .We are very happy with the item.

Love this Pendant!

The Lion of Judah is really beautiful. I hung it on brown leather with a few African beads and it looks amazing..

In one word... IRIE!

My wife purchased two of these magnificent pendants that I am so blessed to own. It is funny that I am a clean shaven Rasta / Buddhist and when ppl see my wife and I with these necklaces and their are ppl with dreads down their backs that can't tell me a thing about the Pendant, heck I almost got in an altercation with a Gang Member before he saw the Lion of Judah and was like "My bad, you a Rastafarian!" but I digress...did I mention how beautiful this pendant is? OMG!!! Let me tell ya folks (ain't I long winded?) but anyhoo... if I had to sum this pendant up in ONE word it would have to be IRIE!!!

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