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Today, you can find all different types of African trade beads. Among them, Ethiopian beads are some of the most popular African beads. These beads come in different shapes and sizes. They attract people because of their unique style. The most renowned Ethiopian beads are the Ethiopian Cross beads. This type of bead is also know as Coptic Cross. They are made with silver metal. In the late nineteen century to the early twenty century, these beads came to the limelight. The size of Coptic cross is about four inches. It is really plain, ornamented with spiral patterns. Beads are one of the most unique symbols for the people of Ethiopia and it gives evidence of their history and culture. Craftsmen take special care, while designing these beautiful beads. They carve them in different sizes, styles and designs.

Types of Ethiopian Beads

Ethiopian Beads can also be made from different types of metals like gold, silver, brass and iron and are cast using lost wax. Some Ethiopian beads are made from clay and wood materials. Most of these beads are used for religious rituals. The best one is the Coptic Cross, worn by both race as a neck pendants or pectoral. For more than one thousand six hundred years the people of Africa have been using Ethiopian Beads. During Baptism these beads are in use as signs of faith. Many priests and pilgrims are using Ethiopian Beads cross during church march. Whatever the occasion may be, these beads play a major role in bringing good luck and simultaneously style. Ethiopian Beads are imported to different parts of the world and mostly Venice. Travelers and visitors those who come to Ethiopia buy these handsome looking ornaments. These days, you can see that the fashion world is also using beads to make their models more glamorous.

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