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Authentic Yemenite Black Coral Prayer Beads

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Prized throughout the islamic world, black coral prayer beads have a long and storied heritage. Black coral beads are said to be made from a rare form of coral found in the seas of the Arabian Peninsula. Craftsmen from Yemen are known to have made these special beads, decorating them with intricate inlaid patterns of silver and other metals. The inlaid metal designs have been individually placed by hand. This strand has been adorned with a traditional motif that includes the eye design intended to protect the holder from bad luck. Beads such as this have been traded widely especially throughout the lands of the former Ottoman Empire and have been found in such far off places as Morocco and even West Africa. This listing is for the unique strand pictured. It measures approximately 38 inches long. Individual beads are 9 mm wide by 9 mm in diameter. The weight of this strand is 63g. Some beads are imperfect as shown in picture including chipping or missing metal pieces due to age.

This was a unique, one of a kind item and is no longer available.

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Strand Length 38 inches
Bead Size 9mm diameter
Hole Size 1.5mm
Number of Beads 100 (approximation)
Found In Middle East
Material Bone
Color Black
Shape Oval