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Antique Yellow Venetian King Eye Beads

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Approx. 50 beads |
2mm Hole |
35 inches Strand Length
Admire this unique strand of authentic antique Venetian Eye Beads, which are part of the "King Bead" family. Often displayed as a symbol of status, beads such as these derive their name through their association with African royalty. These Trade beads were likely crafted during the 19th century by specialized artisans whose technical and artistic know-how was harnessed to facilitate the exchange of goods and services throughout the African Continent. Today, King Beads are most frequently found in West African countries such as Ghana and Nigeria and they are coveted by collectors and bead aficionados alike who appreciate the rich cultural, artistic, and historical legacy that these works of art represent. Each bead measures approximately 15-17 x 17-19mm with a hole size of approximately 2mm. You will receive a FULL STRAND measuring approximately 35". It is rare to find an entire, in-tact strand of these special beads! Get it while you can!

This was a unique, one of a kind item and is no longer available.

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Strand Length 35 inches
Bead Size 15-17 x 17-19mm
Hole Size 2mm
Number of Beads 50 (approximation)
Found In Ghana
Material Glass
Color Yellow
Shape Bicone