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The extraordinary attention to detail and natural beauty of our Naga Shell beads and glass Naga beads will have you floored. The remarkable shapes and patterns of our Naga beads will help bring your jewelry designs and interior design projects to the next level. At The Bead Chest we are always pushing ourselves to provide a great selection curated Naga Shell beads. From our stunning natural color shell and coral Naga bead strands to our marvelous shades of glass Naga beads we know we have the ideal Naga bead strand for you.

Our Naga shell beads come from the many artisans of the Naga people. The Naga people are a ethnic group made up of several tribes native to Western Burma and the North Eastern part of India. The various tribes have similar traditions and cultures and they makeup a larger ethnic group in the Indian state of Nagaland. The Naga people speak various Tibeto-Burman languages, such as, Chang, Mao, Phom, Zeme and many others. Officially there are 16 recognized Naga tribes in Nagaland. The Naga people have a strong tradition of warriors. In the past Naga villages were usually found on hilltops as a vantage point for their warriors to protect their villages from all angles. It was common for Naga warriors to use spears decorated with Naga shell beads. Most of the Naga tribes have a similar way of dressing and eating and also have similar customs, traditions and laws. Traditional Naga men’s clothing is known for its bright red colors and the use of Naga shell beads, wild-boar teeth and hornbill feathers as adornments. The woman of the Naga tribes are known for their handwoven shawls. It is popular for Naga women to weave Naga shell beads into their shawl designs as an accent piece. However in the modern day the Naga people have culturally westernized and traditional clothing and weaponry is usually only seen during cultural events and celebrations.

Naga shell beads are very popular In many modern day new age communities because of its many metaphysical healing properties. Naga shell beads and jewelry are said to be great at protecting the wearer from negative energy. It is also believed that when wearing Naga shell beads your intuition and imagination are stimulated. It is also said that Naga shell beads and jewelry make for the perfect good luck charm.

So take your piece of the beautiful and rich culture of the Naga people today! We know you’re going to love your new Naga bead strands. We are really excited to see how you use our Naga shell bead strands in your creative jewelry and interior design projects.