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Yellow Vaseline Beads (Graduated)

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There's more to these yellow glass beads than meets the eye. Originally created in Czechoslovakia, these antique vaseline beads will have traveled at least three continents before they reach your hands. Before we managed to grab them, they spent some time in Mali. Hand made from high quality glass, vaseline beads are known for their unique bicone shape. They are more commonly found in green and red colors. This yellow color is a special treat. Here's what you need to know: Made from high quality Bohemian glass. Each rare yellow bead is 7-12mm x 7-17mm. You receive a full 27" strand, with beads graduating in size. Limited quantities available. In our experience, these beads are becoming harder and harder to come by. If you like using vaseline beads in your designs, we suggest you stock up while you can! And if you've never tried, give it a try. You'll find these beads add depth and character to your jewelry...something your end-users will certainly appreciate.

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Strand Length 24 inches
Bead Size 7-12 x 7-17mm
Hole Size 1.5-3mm
Number of Beads 60 (approximation)
Found In Mali
Material Glass
Color Yellow
Shape Bicone