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Summer Time Style

Summer Time Style

With #Summer in full swing we wanted 2 share some of our favorite Home Decor and Bead Styles we have available this Summer Season. We have also been so obsessed with all of the Beachy and Boho Vibes we've been seeing from our favorite Jewelry Designers and Interior Designers on Instagram. How have you been changing your Decor and Design Style this Summer Season?

Inlaid Batik Bone Wooden Bowls ✨

Hand-crafted in Kenya, these beautifully carved wooden bowls are inlaid with batik bone. These artisan bone pieces are dyed in a traditional East African design, then set inside the wood.

Take a closer look at all of our Batik Bone Inlaid Wooden Bowls here.

Summer Time Accessories 🌴🌊

Our colorful Mala and Vinyl Bracelets are the perfect accessory 4 any Summer Time event. Whether you're heading to the Beach, Barbecue or a Music Festival a stack of these colorful stretch bracelets will catch everyone's eyes.

Check out all of our Colorful Summer-Time Stretch Bracelets here.

Bone Rings 🌺🌀✨

Our hand-crafted Bone Rings from Kenya are made out of recycled bone. Each ring is carved using reclaimed cow bone, and then polished to perfection. You can grab one 4 yourself 2 wear this Summer here.

New Black & White Mud Cloths

Commonly known as Bogolan or Bògòlanfini, each beautiful cloth is hand weaved with premium quality cotton, and dyed with fermented mud by the Bambara women of Mali. Browse our entire Mud Cloth Collection here.

Our Fav Summer Time Designers 🌀✨

As usual we are sooo excited to see @nicole.camille.designs colorful design style! 🌸✨

@pentuajewelry has been making the cutest earrings lately. Def give them a follow for some more Summer Earrings inspo. 💚✨

Loving these Sea Glass Pendant Hoop Earrings by @bellaandjulesjewelry! 🌀


This matching Batik Bone Earrings and Bracelet set by @junkdrawerdesigns is so stunning! 🌴🌊✨

We always love seeing how @naturaltheoryco uses our Recycled Fused Glass Beads and our Ashanti Saucers! 🌸✨

@ilybdesign used our Recycled Rondelle Beads 2 make such a lovely and colorful bracelet collection! 💞🦋

Do you ever use our Recycled Glass Beads as Home Decor like @purelychichome does? Take a closer look at all of our Decorative Beads here.

Gemstone Beads 💛✨

Don't forget about our huge selection of Gemstone Beads! From Lapis Lazuli to Rose Quartz we have a ton of new Gemstone Bead Styles 4 you 2 try out using in your custom Jewelry Designs. You can browse all of our Gemstone Beads here.

#TheBeadChest 🌞✨

We hope all of the lovely beauties above inspired you 2 add some more color and 2 get creative with all of your new Summer Time Decor and Jewelry Designs!

Remember 2 use hashtag #TheBeadChest when posting your Decor and Designs that feature our Beads 4 a chance 2 be reposted and featured on our Instagram and Inspo Blogs!

Have fun Designing and Decorating! 💖


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