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Brown Skull Beads (10mm)

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Approx. 37 beads |
1mm Hole |
15 inches Strand Length
This strand of intricately carved brown skull beads is perfect for those designers who like to get creative. Perfect for Halloween inspired craft projects or jewelry designers with a more gothic punk style. These stone skull beads can be strung to be worn as a necklace or combined with other gemstone beads to create a one-of-a-kind look. Each bead measures approximately 10 x 10mm with a hole size of about 1mm. You will receive a full strand measuring roughly 15". With their earthy brown hue, these skull beads are sure to make a captivating addition to your design kit.

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Strand Length 15 inches
Bead Size 10 x 10mm
Hole Size 1mm
Number of Beads 37 (approximation)
Found In Other
Material Stone
Color Brown
Shape Skull
UPC 739325916481