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Black & Red Chevron Beads (12x9mm)

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Approx. 48 beads |
2mm Hole |
25 inches Strand Length
Take a look at this incredible strand of Chevron beads. These beads are inspired by older Chevron beads, which are highly sought-after by bead collectors and bead lovers alike. They are considered among the classic beads of the African Trade. The first Chevron beads were made from Murano glass in the late 15th century and were characterized by their unique rosetta or star design made by alternating layers of glass. Over the subsequent centuries, Chevron beads were made for trade throughout Africa as well as the Americas where they may have been introduced by Christopher Columbus. These beads measure approximately 12-13 x 9-10mm in size (bead size may vary), with strands measuring approximately 25". Get your strand today!

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Strand Length 25 inches
Bead Size 12-13 x 9-10mm
Hole Size 2mm
Number of Beads 48 (approximation)
Found In West Africa
Material Glass
Color Multicolor
Shape Cylinder