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Looking to add a touch of master craftsmanship to your inspired jewelry designs? Please consider our astounding collection of crafted and carved Tibetan agate stone beads. With such rich history and the immaculate attention to detail our Tibetan Agate stone beads are truly masterpieces. In general most agates form on top of volcanic rock and ancient lava fields. Agate is commonly found filling in the veins and cracks of volcanic rocks. For thousands of years agate has been one of the most popular stones to be used in the art of hardstone carving. Carved agate beads and jewelry have been collected from archeological dig sites from all over the planet. Even ancient cultures like the Byzantine Empire and the Roman Empire used agate for many different artisanal purposes. From places like Crete to Mexico and from Thailand to Tibet, agate has had a widespread role in artisan crafts and trade since the Bronze Age. Tibetan agate in particular is considered one of the most beautiful forms of carved agate in the modern day.

In many new age communities Tibetan Agate stone and beads are highly sought after due to the many healing a metaphysical properties associated with them. In Hindu and Tibetan Buddhist myths and traditions Tibet is thought to be the home of the mythical kingdom of Shambhala. According to legend Shambhala is said to be a kingdom of pure peace and prosperity. It prophesied that when the world reaches its lowest state greed and war the 25th king of Shambhala will emerge and usher in an era of tranquility and happiness. Because of the legend of Shambhala Tibet is considered by many to be one of the most spiritually enlightening places on the planet. Combining Tibetan legends with the already existing lore and metaphysical beliefs connected to common agate stones in general; Tibetan Agate has garnered quite infamous reputation.

Most the metaphysical communities claim that Tibet Agate has an energy all its own; differing exponentially from other forms of agate stones. It is said that Tibetan Agate is a great stone for all a round healing. It is known to be good for healing and connecting the mind, spirit and body. Many believe that Tibetan Agate exudes a energy of power, courage, strength and is said to enhance the truthfulness in all of those in its presence. In meditation Tibetan Agate is popularly used to help stimulate the crown chakra and the aura of one's body. Tibetan Agate is also said to be helpful in the healing of old emotional wounds and can help one in moving forward towards their personal goals and aspirations.

Here at The Bead Chest we have so many masterfully created Tibetan Agate bead strands to choose from we know you will need to take your time selecting the perfect strand. From our varying patterns of dark brown hand carved Tibetan Agate beads to our beautiful multicolor strands of Tibetan Agate bead strands your choices are countless.