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Want to add that extra burst of color to your jewelry design and creations? Looking to add awe inspiring touch to the end of a necklace design? Do you want to create a unique and interestingly adorned charm bracelet? Well you’ve come to the right place because our dazzling silk tassels were made for that! Here at The Bead Chest our remarkable silk tassels come in a rainbow of colors, lengths and sizes! The application of silk into jewelry design and daily human life has been around since the ancient times and with such a fascinating history silk has become one of the most popular textile and jewelry materials to use in the modern day. 

Silk is a very interesting material because, it is actually a natural fiber protein. The protein fiber comes from cocoons and larvae of the mulberry silkworm. Silk is produced by several species of insects but in general only the silk from moth caterpillars is used in textile manufacturing. In China the earliest examples of silk have been found in tombs that date back almost 8,500 years. The legend of silk being developed into a textile states that the Empress Leizu created the first ever loom and the process of making silk into a textile. In Chinese culture silk was originally reserved to be worn only by the Emperors of China but overtime the use of silk began to spread throughout Asia. In Vietnamese legend, silk started to appear after the sixth dynasty of Hung Vuong. In the ancient Roman Empire silk was a very popular and highly priced imported good. In India silk has a long history throughout the culture. India is the second largest silk producer in the world after China. 97% of raw mulberry silk comes from India. During the medieval ages in Europe, Italy was the biggest producer of silk. During that time silk became a very popular textile and was commonly used and worn by many high ranking members of the Catholic church including the pope. In the Middle East silk has become a very popular fabric for women to wear. In modern new age circles silk is believed to have many positive metaphysical benefits when worn. Some say silk is considered to deflect magic, and to protect the wearer from negative energies. It's said that using a silk bag will help protect your items inside from loss and theft.

With such a rich and compelling history on top of a very captivating means of being produced our silk tassels at The Bead Chest make a perfect adornment for all of your jewelry creations! From our red to green silk tassels and from our black to rose pink silk tassels your jewelry embellishment options are vast. So go ahead and take a chance with our enchanting silk tassels your jewelry designs will thank you later.