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If you’re looking to add a pop of color and the spirit of the ocean to your jewelry designs look no further. Our Sea Glass beads are truly vibrant and make for a striking accent piece on almost any jewelry creation! Here at The Bead Chest, we love to give you options and when it comes to our collection of Sea Glass beads you’re in luck! From our sultry black colored Sea Glass to our vibrant pink shades of Sea Glass and from our bright orange Sea glass to our translucent blue toned Sea Glass beads we know we have a perfect strand of Sea Glass beads for your next big jewelry design collection.

Sea Glass is formed in a very interesting way. Sea Glass beads come from large bodies of saltwater. Sea Glass begins its transformation as a normal shard of broken glass. The broken glass is tumbled around the floor of the ocean until all of the sharp edges are rounded. The glass is chemically and physically weathered during its time in salt water. This weathering process produces a natural frosted finish on the glass. Usually, this weathering process can take from 30 to 40 years to occur and sometimes it even takes 100 years for the weathering process to finish. Naturally, occurring sea glass comes from a number of different sources. It can come from things like broken bottles, broken windows and sometimes it comes from shipwrecks. Sea glass can be found all across the planet but is most commonly found on the beaches of California, Bermuda, North Carolina, Scotland, England, Mexico, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, Italy, Dominican Republic, Nova Scotia and Australia. There are also forms of Sea Glass that come from inland rivers and lakes. This form of Sea Glass is often referred to as Beach Glass. Beach glass is very similar to Sea Glass but because of fewer waves and less salt, this glass has a less weathered look to it.

Sea Glass comes in a ton of different colors. The color of Sea Glass is usually determined by its original origins. The most common tones and colors of Sea Glass are brown, white, green, clear and blue. Clear Sea Glass comes from objects like windshields, glasses and windows. Less common colors of Sea Glass include amber, orange, jade, lime green and ice blue. These colors usually come from items like whiskey bottles, ink bottles, medicine bottles and beer bottles. There are a few colors that are very rare like pink, grey, teal, black, red, olive green and turquoise. Though these colors are less common they can still be found. These colors usually come from The Great Depression-era pottery and plates. They also come from old 1930s Vaseline containers and from common 1930s tableware. There are shards of antique black sea glass that have been dated all the back to the 18th century. Black Sea Glass shards usually come from old gin and wine bottles.

Here at The Bead Chest, our selection of vibrant and beautiful Sea Glass is quite remarkable. With so many different sizes, colors and shapes to choose from we know that you’re to have a fun time looking through all of our Sea Glass bead options. So please take a moment to browse this curated section of Sea Glass beads. We know you won’t be disappointed.