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Looking to add the ecocative and authentic feel of Sandalwood mala beads to your designs? You’ve come to the right place! Although, famous for its amazing scent Sandalwood beads also make for a great accent in jewelry designs and home decor centerpieces. With beautiful natural tones and various sizes we at The Bead Chest know you’re going to be able to find the perfect Sandalwood mala beads for your next big design or collection!

The Sandalwood tree can be found growing all over India. Sandalwood trees really flourish in places where the climate has moderate rainfall and plentiful sunshine. The aroma of Sandalwood retains it fragrance for decades after being cut down and harvested. Originally Sandalwood was used at funeral ceremonies. It is said that the scent of burning Sandalwood helps the spirits of the dead move on to the next life. In Hinduism Sandalwood is considered to be very sacred. Sandalwood is often used for worshipping the God Shiva, and according the legend the Goddess Lakshmi lives in a Sandalwood tree. In Jainism Sandalwood plays an integral part in daily worship practices. Sandalwood is often mixed with spices like saffron and burned as an offering to the deity Tirthankar. During the Mahamastakabhisheka festival that’s held once every 12 years, many practitioners travel to the statue of Gomateshwara to sprinkle Sandalwood powder onto it as a act of good fortune. In Buddhism Sandalwood in mentioned in various religious texts. Many Buddhists believe that the scent of Sandalwood aids in helping one focus while meditating. In Korean and Japanese religions Sandalwood and Sandalwood mala beads are commonly used as tools of worship. In Korean Shamanism, sandalwood is considered to be the Tree of Life. Many modern day new age communities love Sandalwood because its many practical uses and metaphysical healing properties. It is believed that Sandalwood stimulates the base Chakra and helps enhance trust and emotional healing. It's said that wearing and burning Sandalwood also helps encourage positivity and calm anxiety. Sandalwood Mala bead strands in particular are said to be a great good luck charm and can help one be more enthusiastic about life.

So please take your time browsing our curated section of Sandalwood Mala bead strands. We know that you’re going to be able to find an amazing bead strand to suit all of your design needs!