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Russia is a home to a rich and interesting history of artisan jewelry making culture. Throughout the centuries Russian jewelry artifacts and trade beads have been highly valued due to their durability and well-preserved condition. At The Bead Chest, we carry a variety of different shapes and styles of Blue Russian Trade Beads. From Cylindrical Cuts to Faceted Cuts our various styles of Blue Russian Trade Beads will make your DIY and custom design projects stand out!

Through tracing Blue Russian Trade Beads back to their origins its been discovered that they were actually used as a form of currency over 300 years ago. Most historians agree that Blue Russian Trade Beads were originally created by artisans in Bohemia (Czechoslovakia). It is believed that trade caravans traveled throughout Eastern Europe and Russia in the late 1700s slowly spreading Glass Trade Beads throughout the continent. The value of Blue Russian Trade Beads at the time was determined by the actual size of the bead. The bigger the bead, the more valuable it was. Blue Russian Trade Beads were most commonly used as currency between the Alaskan Natives and Russians. Alaskan Natives would often sell Sea Otter Pelts, Whale Blubber, Furs, and other goods and services in exchange for Blue Russian Trade Beads. Blue Russian Trade Beads in particular at the time were very popular and ended up being traded all around the world. Blue Russian Trade Beads have also been found in China, Canada and even the Pacific Northwest in the United States.

Please feel free to take your time browsing this curated section of Russian Blue Trade Beads. We are excited to see how you incorporate the amazing Boho shades of Cobalt and Dark Blue into your custom design projects!