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African recycled glass beads are made by members of the Krobo Tribe which is located in Ghana, Africa. These African beads are created by compressing glass into a dry grain, and heating the grain so that the pieces form together. The recycled glass is rushed into a porcelain cast. The stem of a cassava leaf is used to make the hole. It is baked in a furnace causing the glass to melt together and cassava stem to burn. This technique has been used in Africa for centuries to make recycled glass beads.

A new technique has been applied to create African beads for the past twenty years. Such technique was based on the recycled glass and it has generated a whole new look for the African beads that is now known as African Recycled Glass Beads. In Ghana such action was implied for the normal beads in order to develop African Recycled Glass Beads. Now in Ghana you can find many small businesses that are based on the manufacturing of African Recycled Glass Beads and they are exporting these sorts of ornament for the whole world. In reality, there are many traditional bead makers in Africa and some of them have implemented their thoughts to manufacture such beads that can be generated from recycled glass. And the end result is African Recycled Glass Beads. Any age group can wear these beads and they will look marvelous on our hands. These beads are less expensive and easy to use in any jewelry you create.

There are some specifications added for the making of African Recycled Glass Beads. The Krobo people of Ghana have invented the exact technique for making those beads. For the whole process you will require glass powder that are crushed properly and turned into fine particles. Then the glass powder will move for the heat treatment process so that the materials can fuse together easily. Then the fused glass will poured into a clay mold. With the mold they are using the cassava leaf stem for making hole into the molded material. Once the molded material comes out, then it will move for oven where the glass will fuse properly with the application of heat and at the mean time the cassava leaf stem will burn up leaving the hole behind. This is the normal technique that people of Ghana still following for the manufacturing of African Recycled Glass Beads.

African Recycled Glass Fair Trade Beads are the most exciting and inexpensive ornaments that you can ever have. Also commonly referred to as sea glass beads, these are simply perfect to wear on the hands or neck region. These days, in most part of the world you can look for people that are wearing African Recycled Glass Beads. This is evolving like a latest fashion trend and many homes in Africa are getting their bread and butter with the improvisation of African Recycled Glass Beads industry.

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