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Are you looking to add an expressive and natural rustic feel to your next jewelry collection? Our natural Palmwood beads are going to be perfect for you! Farmed from plantations of coconut palms Palmwood is truly a unique and special looking wood. With various shapes and sizes of Palmwood beads here at The Bead Chest we know we have options for you and your next jewelry creation.

Palmwood actually comes from coconut palm trees and can be found growing in many areas of the South Pacific. During the first half of the 20th century a large amount of coconut palms were planted across the South Pacific in order to harvest the coconut fruit produced by the palms. Coconut palms can produce coconuts fruit for up to 70 years and once the trees fruit bearing years are up they’re cut down and harvested for their Palmwood. Palmwood is used to make everything from houses, flooring, furniture and jewelry supplies like beads. In recent years Palmwood has become increasingly popular and is often used as artistic wood paneling on the sides of buildings, as well as, being used as ceiling joists and as door frames. Interestingly enough palmwood is very similar in appearance to mahogany but palmwood is usually much more fibrous than mahogany. The color rage of Palmwood ranges from golden browns to dark ebony tones.

In many new age communities palmwood beads and jewelry are highly sought after due to their many metaphysical healing properties. It is believed that wearing Palmwood can help restore ones physical energy. Many believe that Palmwood is great for stress relief and is said to help rid the air of negativity. Palmwood is said to especially be conductive to healing the emotional problems after heartbreak. It is said that Palmwood is endowed with a gentle lively energy that helps activate the root chakra. Palmwood is known to be a great grounding talisman and can help in maintaining healthy relationships with friends and family.

At The Bead Chest our assortment of Palmwood beads will take your breath away! With such great colors and versatility in uses we can’t wait for you to find the perfect Palmwood bead strand for yourself!