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Create amazing and stunning statement pieces of jewelry with our Memory Wire! Here at The Bead Chest, our various sizes of large, medium and small memory wires are going to help you create masterpiece necklaces, bangles, and bracelets that will stop people in their tracks. One of the best things about our extra durable memory wire is its amazing flexibility and ability to retain its shape perfectly. Our various memory wire sizes come in different shades and come with a great amount of material to work with. They are part our vast selection of jewelry making supplies.

Here are just a few tips and ideas for when you’re working with our Memory wire. Since Memory wire is so easy to work with all you really have to do is first, simply measure out how long you want either your bracelet or necklace to be. Once you’ve decided cut the wire with wire clippers and start stringing your beads. The best part about working with Memory wire is that once you have your wire beaded you’re going to have stacked and winding designer jewelry look. Try adorning your memory wire creations with dangling beads or tassels in between your main beads to create a fun and stylish accent.

With so many different and interesting ways to be used your memory wire creations are going to be visionary. So please take your time to browse this curated section of all of our memory wire options. We can’t wait to see all of the immaculate jewelry designs you create with our Memory Wire.