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Adding meaning and spirituality to your jewelry designs and home is important! You can do that with our Mala Beads. Mala beads are among some of the earliest known adornments in human history. Here at The Bead Chest we have an immense selection of Mala Beads from many different cultures and places from all around the world. From our bone to horn Mala Beads and from our shell and coral selections, our many different kinds of Mala Beads are great for jewelry design, as well as, for home decor centerpieces.

The earliest known Mala Beads were found in Africa made out of ostrich shell and they dated all the way back to 10,000 BC. Throughout history many different cultures have created their own idirations of Mala Beads using various materials like clay, bone, wood, stone and shells. Typically Mala Beads comes in strands of 108 beads but also can come in strands of 18, 27 and 54. In Buddhist and Hindu religious practices Mala Beads are used to keep count when chanting, reciting and mentally repeating mantras. These chanted mantras while using Mala Beads are sometimes repeated hundreds and thousands of times. In Buddhist tradition this repetition of chanting reminds the practitioners of the ongoing cycle of life and death. There are many meanings attached to the number 108 and of the significance 108 beads in Mala strands. It is said in Buddhist culture that there are 108 afflictions or states of mind that we as humans experience throughout our lives and the 108 beads are meant to reflect those mental states.

Various forms of Mala Beads have become popular in many modern day new age and religious communities. Many believe that Mala Beads have positive effects and metaphysical healing properties when worn and meditated with regularly. It’s said that wearing and meditating with Mala Beads will bring good luck and promote emotional healing. Many say that black and ebony Mala Beads in particular are perfect for protection from negative energies. Bone Mala Beads are also very popular and are said to help encourage rational thought and aid in concentration when mediating. Shell and coral Malas are said to be perfect for grounding and help promote relaxation. Wood Malas are known to be good for the easing of stress and make a great candidate to be used as worry and relaxation beads.

With so many spectacular Mala Beads strands to choose from we know you’re going to have a hard time choosing! So please take your time. Your newest Mala Bead strand is waiting for you.