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Lava beads are one of the oldest known stones found all around the world. Looking at add a charming piece of ancient history to your next jewelry design creations? Look no farther then our immense selection of amazing lava stone beads. Lava stones are a type of stone that forms when magma erupts from a volcano. Making it a very unique type of stone because of its volcanic origins. The reason lava beads have many cavities and crevices is because when the lava makes contact with either air or water it is rapidly cooled leaving many air holes in the stone. Volcanic lava stone can be found in many places around the planet, particularly in oceans. It has been estimated that lava rock deposits cover about 8% of the Earth’s surface. There are traces of lava beads being used in many different ancient cultures as jewelry in places like the Middle East and South America. 

Here at The Bead Chest we have a great selection of shades, sizes and cuts of lava stone beads. From our grey volcanic lava beads to our rustic brown volcanic lava beads we have the strand you have been looking for. In many metaphysical and new age circles lava stone beads are regarded as a great stone for healing and grounding. Lava stone is wonderful for calming one's emotions. Because of lava stones volcanic origins it is considered a stone of rebirth and is said to help aid in the shedding of unnecessary layers of emotional attachment. Lava stones are great for stabilizing the root chakra and helps ground the wearer to reality. Meditating with lava stone beads is very popular and it can help you connect to an energy of transformation. For those looking for a change in mentality meditating with lava stone is highly recommended. Also during difficult transitions lava stone beads are also suggested because they aid in calming, supporting and helping one be more goal oriented. It is also very popular for wearers of lava stone beads to add drops of their favorite essential oils to the beads surface to be used as a sort of oil diffuser. 

With the many calming and practical uses of lava stone beads its a no brainer to start integrating the stone into your new jewelry designs, bracelets, necklaces and creations. So go ahead and please take your time browsing this section. We hope you find the perfect strand of ancient lava stone to add to your collection.