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Jasper is known as a stone of detox and stress relief. Jasper is the perfect type of stone beads to use in the creation of your special jewelry designs and amulets. The thing we love most about jasper is the many forms it comes in. No one piece of jasper looks alike and there are actually many different types of jasper that can be found all across the world. Jasper particularity was popular in the ancient world and the stone was used in many places like Azerbaijan, Syria, Greece, South America and many parts of the Middle East as a accent piece in many jewelry designs. Modern day jasper is sourced from places all around the planet. From Oregon to Madagascar and from Russia to California a number of different variations of jasper can be found. 

At The Bead Chest we carry myriad of different types of jasper. From blue sea sediment jasper to picture jasper and from frog jasper to zebra jasper we know you’ll be able to find the perfect strand of jasper stone beads. In many metaphysical new age communities jasper is regarded as a powerful healing stone. Blue sea sediment jasper is known as a stone of stability. It is often used as a talisman of protection against the things that are not good for you and is said to help ease emotional stress when worn as jewelry. The blue variety of sea sediment jasper is a great stone for helping oneself find clarity, inner peace, love and compassion. Blue sea sediment jasper is also said to help in the activation of ones chakras and is a excellent stone for emotional healing. Next we have picture jasper; picture jasper in particular has been has been a stone revered by many noted scientists, scholars and physicians from ancient times for its healing power. In modern day new age communities picture jasper is used to aid in creative visualization and is used by many artists and writers to get past creative blocks. Picture jasper is also a popular stone among business owners and is known to be helpful in inspiring confidence and creative vision. It's said that picture jasper is a great stone for physical healing and is good to wear when one is hospitalized or has a prolonged illness. Next up, frog jasper. Frog jasper is known to help inspire positivity and calmness and is a good stone to keep on you when you’re going through a stressful time. Next is Zebra Jasper. Zebra jasper is known to help in activating the root chakra and can be used to help ground oneself to reality. Zebra jasper is known to help allow oneself to be optimistic and to be able to take the initiative to tackle ones problems.

With all the great benefits associated with jasper and on top of how beautiful they’re there isn’t a better moment than now to start incorporating these striking stone beads into your creative jewelry designs.