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Looking to channel an energy and stone that’s been used since ancient history? Our jade stone beads are going to knock you off of your feet! Since the dawn of time the stone jade has been revered for its deep and breathtaking shades of green. In prehistoric periods jade was used often and was usually hand carved into various statues, trinkets, talismans, beads and ceremonial decorations and was used by all members of society from royalty to peasants. Among some of the earliest excavated jade artifacts from prehistoric dig sites include jade beads, buttons, knives and simple ornaments. The use of jade in jewelry making was popularized by ancient Chinese cultures. Jade was also very popular and and used by many neolithic cultures from India to Korea. In the ancient Māori culture centered in New Zealand jade was used to make practical tools like chisels, hammers, clubs and fishing hooks, as well as, simple jewelry pendants, earrings and necklaces. Even in ancient Mayan culture many jade carvings and pectoral glyphs can be found throughout their ancient temples and tombs. In fact the stone jade can be linked to many ancient goddesses, such as, the Aztec goddess of water; Chalchiuhtlicue, the the Polynesian goddess; Hine-Nui-Te-Po, the Chinese goddess of mercy; Kaun Yin and the Roman goddess of fertility; Bona Dea. In the modern day jade mines can be found in places like Canada, South America and East Asia.

In various new age communities jade is a highly sought after stone for its many practical uses and metaphysical healing properties. It is said that if you feel drawn to jade it might be because you’re in need of an existential pick-me-up. Jade helps us by giving us the wisdom to see past our self imposed limitations. People who have incorporated jade into their daily meditations have said it helps you develop courage and has helped them come to terms with their inner truth. Jade is also helpful in removing negative patterns holding you back from achieving your personal goals in life. It is suggested by many to wear jade for good luck when going to special occasions, such as, a first date, a job interview or a family gathering. Jade is connected to the heart chakra and is perfect in helping to ease emotional turmoil.

At The Bead Chest we are in no short supply of decadent jade stone beads. We have a plethora of hues, cuts and shapes of jade beads! We know you’ll be able to find the perfect jade stone bead for your newest jewelry creations. From our classic green jade and nephrite beads to our striking red toned jade beads and from our alluring dark black jade to our neutral selection of grey jade beads your choices are many!

So what are you waiting for? Our lovely jade stone bead strands are waiting for you and your inspired creative energy!