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The elaborate and refined detail of Islamic Prayer Beads are a sight to behold. When in comes to intricately handcrafted Prayer Beads, Islamic Prayer Beads are in a category all their own. The ornate twisting patterns and shapes etched into each and every bead tell a story of perseverance and devotion. At The Bead Chest we have a finely curated collection of Islamic Prayer Beads ideal for any and every jewelry design project. With various choices from our shell and coral prayer beads to our bone prayer beads and from our wooden prayer beads to our glass prayer beads your options are vast.

In Islam, prayer beads are traditionally referred to as Misbahna and usually contain 99 normal-sized beads and two mini-sized beads as separation points every 33 beads. The 99 large beads represent the 99 names for god in Islam culture. Its customary for Islamic prayer beads to be used as a tool to count up while saying a prayer. In Islam the most common prayer is a form of dhikr and the prayer involves repeating repetitive short sentences that praise and glorify Allah. According to Islamic religious doctrine the use and artisan production of prayer beads has been around since the ancient times of the prophet Mohammed; stones and pebbles were used as prayer beads during that time. During the Ottoman empire polished stones and crystals were often fashioned into prayer beads. Today in middle eastern countries the number of skilled artisans and craftsmen who continue to make handmade prayer beads is few. So coming across a finely crafted strand of Islamic prayer beads in the modern day is truly a blessing. These craftsman use a mix of unique and decadent materials like gold, silver, tortoiseshell, mother-of-pearl, amber, ebony, agate, rosewood and meerschaum to create their masterpieces.

Prayer beads to be found in many Islamic homes as wall decorations. It is believed by many that hanging up a strand of prayer beads with an evil eye bead in one's home will help protect the home from bad spirits and negative energy. In Islamic culture every color of prayer bead has significance. Pink prayer beads are used to depict universal love. Pink prayer beads are also worn to help stimulate love between couples. Orange prayer beads are used to help inspire patience and vitality. Brown prayer beads symbolize the earth and are meant to represent tradition. Red prayer beads are worn to symbolize one's desires and are said to help one be more confident. Blue prayer beads are said to be perfect for meditation and represent spirituality and youth. Yellow prayer beads are said to be the prayer beads of wisdom and happiness. Green prayer beads symbolize nature and fertility. White prayer beads are a symbol of purity. Black prayer beads represent resilience and are said to protect from negative energy. Purple prayer beads are used to represent magic and royalty. Strands of amber prayer beads are said to be a good luck charm. Strands of agate prayer beads are said to be the prayer beads of optimism and desire. 

No matter what kind of meaning you’re trying to convey with your jewelry designs we know there is a matching Islamic prayer bead strand to match your needs. So please take your time browsing this curated section of Islamic prayer beads. We know you won’t be disappointed!