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Do you want to add a raw and natural flare to your jewelry designs? You should try using our natural horn beads to achieve that! With a great selection of ethically sourced natural horn beads in varying shapes, cuts, colors and sizes you truly have so many options. Horn beads are one of the oldest materials humans have used for adornment. From the earliest days of history all cultures have had to raise and eat their own animals to survive. Ancient humans were very frugal and efficient when it came to using their resources and decorating and incorporating animal horn into jewelry designs comes from the ancient practice of not wasting resources. Cultures from all over the world such as the Scythic tribes of southern Russia and the Native Americans all utilized animal horns in various ways in their daily lives.

At The Bead Chest we have a unique and handpicked selection of amazing horn beads from animals, such as, sheep, goats, yak, cattle and bison. All of our horn beads are ethically sourced from various tribes and sources from West Africa to Indonesia. From our natural horn chunk beads to grey Moroccan horn beads, from our vintage inlaid yak horn mala prayer beads from Nepal to our jumbo natural horn beads all the way from Togo we have got the perfect horn bead strand for you! In many modern day new age communities animal horn chunks and beads are admired for their diverse metaphysical and healing properties. Horn bead strands are said to help one in overcoming gloominess and gives the wearer strength during grieving processes. Horn beads are also known to help alleviate obsessive thoughts and destructive mental patterns. They can help in overcoming fears and encourage the wearer to consider the bigger picture of life. Horn beads are amazing at helping the wearer concentrate on personal growth. Horn beads can be used to help nourish self-esteem and empowers the ones who hold it to be truthful to oneself and others. Natural bone and horn beads are also related to the root chakras and can help in activating and grounding the wearer to reality. 

With so many positive benefits and a rich history connected to conservatism and frugalness you really can’t go wrong when adding horn bead strands into your jewelry creations. So feel free to look through our vast collection of curated horn bead strands. We know you’ll find the perfect piece to highlight all of your imaginative jewelry designs and home decoration style.