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Hemp Cord is a great cruelty-free and natural fiber alternative to use when creating artistic jewelry designs. At The Bead Chest, we carry an assortment of Hemp Cord products perfect for any beading project. Unlike plastic and other synthetic bead stringing cord Hemp Cord is environmentally friendly and made completely from natural plant fiber. Hemp Cord is durable, strong and waterproof! From our natural toned Hemp Cord Variety Packs to our Mixed Toned Hemp Cord Variety Packs we know we have the perfect Hemp Cord Pack for you.

Humans have been cultivating and working with Hemp plants for over 10,000 years. Over the years Hemp Fiber has been used for a variety of different things. Hemp fiber has been used extensively as a strong fiber material for clothing, sacks, and canvases. One of the more interesting uses of Hemp Cord was to make ropes used for sailing wooden ships across the sea. Hemp can be fabricated into paper and is often used as an alternative to tree fiber in stationery, journals, and business cards. Hemp also can be used as a building material when mixed with lime to create a strong insulating material called Hempcrete. Some of the first buildings made out of Hempcrete were erected in France in 1986. Many modern-day car companies like Audi, Porsche, and Volkswagen use a mixture of fiberglass and hemp fiber to make composite panels for their luxury cars. There are even cars that run on a Biodiesel Fuel made out our Hemp called Hempoline.

One of the most popular uses for hemp is jewelry making! Hemp makes for a great versatile beading cord. Hemp cord can even be used on its own to make interesting woven bracelets, necklaces, and anklets. Many jewelry artisans practice the technique of macrame when using Hemp cord making stylish bohemian chic knotted bracelets and necklaces. So what are you waiting for? Add environmentally friendly Hemp Beading Cord to you artisan toolset and start getting creative with it today!