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Looking to create a calming a neutral toned jewelry design? If so our grey beads are the color for you! Grey can add complimenting tones of age and wisdom to any of your jewelry designs. Grey often represents reflection, humility, intelligence, futurism, security and technology. Bring your jewelry designs into the future with tones and hues from iron to pewter, from coin to fossil, from flint to ash, from cloud to silver, from smoke to slate, from lead to fog and from charcoal to coin. With these sleek grey tone beads your jewelry designs will be show stopping.

In modern day culture grey is often associated with concrete architecture. All across the world in many cities you can find grey structures being implemented into cityscapes to create a feel of uniformity. Grey has become a part of everyday life more than we usually notice. From the color of pencil lead, to grey toned jewelry, cars, sculptures, fences and medals grey is all around us. In the 1600s grey was often a color worn by Franciscan and Cistercian monks as a symbol of their commitments to their religions. During the Renaissance when the colors black and white were very popular grey was used as a accent and background color to many paintings and fashion designs. In modern day Japan grey signify conservatism, craftsmanship, high tech and precision, In Japan grey is considered to have a masculine grounding energy. In Latin America grey colors represent wealth, jewelry and treasure. In Hinduism grey colors are used to encourage the removal of negativity and are often linked to the moon and its cycles.

At The Bead Chest we have embraced the sleek and futuristic energy of grey and have a copious amount of options for you when it comes to grey toned beads. Wanting to portray a high level of craftsmanship in your jewelry designs? Our grey bone beads from Kenya are perfect for that! Going for a more natural feel? Our grey volcanic lava beads will do that for you! From our grey recycled glass beads from Ghana to our grey bone beads from West Africa, from grey Krobo beads to our grey natural wooden beads we know you can find the right fit for your next grey themed jewelry design project.

We know that with grey you’ll be able to convey your message of sophistication and precision in your jewelry designs and home decorations. So go ahead, take a step into the future with our grey beads.