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Looking to add inspiring depth and textures to your DIY Jewelry Designs? If so, our curated selection of Natural Gemstone Garnet Beads is going to be great for you. The many forms of Garnet are known for their vibrant colors and interesting naturally occurring formations.

Garnet gets it name from the Latin word malogranatum which means pomegranate. Garnet can be found forming in areas all over the Earth. Major sources of Garnet can be found in Brazil, India and in North Carolina. Garnet has been used as an adornment and decorative bead since as early as the Bronze Ages. Ancient Garnet tools, beads, jewelry and decorations have been found in many Egyptian, Greek and Roman ruins. In ancient times it was believed that Garnet was a great protection stone and would be worn often as an amulet to protect from evil and disasters. In the 1500s in the Czech Republic Garnet cutting techniques were perfected and the use of Garnet Gems in Jewelry designs got more popular than ever. There are many forms of Garnet and new forms of Garnet have been discovered in the modern day. One of the more recently popularized forms of Garnet is Spessartite Garnet which was found by archaeologists in Angola in the 1980s.

Modern Day New Age Communities and Yoga practitioners highly value Natural Garnet Gemstones and Beads as a great meditation tool. Garnet is also popular stone with creatives and artist type personalities. Garnet is said to help one channel and focus their creative energy. It is also believed that Garnet is a powerful and energizing stone. Modern day tech also utilizes Garnet and it is also used to make watch gears, sandpaper and other small mechanical parts.

Here at The Bead Chest, our unique selection of Natural Garnet Stone Beads will have your jewelry designs and interior design displays looking very fresh and stylized. We are excited to see how you design with them!