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Get the luxe and rustic look of Suede for half the price with our 100% vegan and cruelty-free Faux Suede Cord. Our Artisan Faux Suede Cord comes in a variety of colors and mimics the look and feel of Natural Suede. From our Black Faux Suede to our Brown Shades of Faux Suede we have got the perfect beading cord for you. Faux Suede is made from polyester microfibers that are woven together with a soft plastic like fabric. The combination of polyester and plastic actually ends up making Faux Suede 10 times more durable than Natural Suede. Also, the plastic makeup of Faux Suede is also stain resistant and more water resistant than Natural Suede. Get the Suede look and long-term durability without busting the bank! Grab a spool for yourself today!