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Taking the time to add the rich texture and feel of Ebony to your jewelry designs will have you and those around you truly inspired. Here at The Bead Chest we have an immense selection of hand carved, inlaid and multicolor bone and ebony bead strands and pendants! With such an abundant history wooden Ebony beads really do make a strong statement piece when added to your jewelry designs or home decor centerpieces.

Ebony is a well known artisan hardwood that is finely textured and when polished can have an exquisite finish. Ebony is often so dense that it is hard for power tools to cut it. Even termites will pass on eating a fallen Ebony log. In Africa Ebony has been very popular to carve and to use in making magical items such as staves and protection trinkets. The use of Ebony has a long history dating all the way back to ancient Egyptian times. Carved epitaphs of Ebony wood have been found in multiple sarcophaguses and tombs at archaeological dig sites throughout Egypt over the years. Hundreds of years ago in India many rulers had scepters made from Ebony. It was also very popular in India for Ebony to be used to make tools like knives, vases and cups. Aside from being used in ancient times Ebony remains a very popular material and is used in making many modern day items, such as, crucifixes to cellos, piano keys, harps, doors, tables, prayer beads and jewelry. 

Ebony is especially popular various new age and religious communities. Ebony Mala Prayer Beads are one of the most popular Ebony products available in today's market. It is said by many in these communities that Ebony Mala beads are the perfect spiritual tool to use during meditation and can be used to ease worries. It is said that Ebony Mala beads exude an energy of purity, protection, power and luck. It is also said that Ebody Mala Prayer Beads can help balance out ones energy and can help one heal past traumas and be spiritually reborn.

Here at The Bead Chest our selection of ethically sourced Ebony bead strands is colossal. From beautiful shades of brown and bone Ebony bead mixes to our tantalizing hand carved and patterned jet black Ebony beads and Malas we know we have a Ebony bead strand that is perfect for you and your design aesthetic.