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We're proud to offer the widest selection of Annular Wound Dutch Dogan beads on the net.  Most of the african trade beads below have traveled at least three continents and graced numerous owners.  We do our best to bring you the best, and are very pleased to offer you even the hardest to find colors of these dutch dogan beads.  Please understand some colors have limited quantities available.

Dogon Beads from the African Trade

The Dogon Trade Bead, Dutch Dogon, or German Wound Annular Bead was originally made in Germany throughout the 19th century then transported to Africa. The name Dogon is derived from the fact that the beads were popular among Dogon tribespeople of Mali West Africa. It is commonly surmised that the name Dutch Dogan is a misnomer originating from the corruption of the German word for Germany namely Deutch however some reports tell that these beads were made in Holland for a certain period of time beginning in the late 16th century. Other beads coming from the Dogon in Africa region are also sometimes identified by this name as it is not an uncommon practice for beads to be named after the region in which they are most favored or used rather than where they originate.

Dogan beads are most commonly found in a dark blue or cobalt color as well as translucent and opaque shades of white as well as other rare varieties. Several shapes were produced including semi-circular, oblong, and also annular-shaped. Like other African Trade Beads Dogons may have been used as a form of currency by early European explorers and merchants.

These cool African beads are old, rare, and a great item for any serious collector.