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Add a raw and delicate looking feel to your Jewelry and Interior Design projects with our vast selection of authentic Camel Bone Beads. Here at The Bead Chest, we carry a range of sizes, colors, and cuts; giving you a ton of options when it comes to implementing Natural Camel Bone Beads into your designs. All of our Camel Bone Beads are hand carved; making each and every strand unique and individual. From bright orange tones to simple white and beige tones and from vibrant multi-colored strands to earthy toned brown camel bone beads we are sure we’ll have something great in our current stock for you!

Camel Bones have been used as an ornament in jewelry and home decor for 100s of years. Over the years archaeologists have even found Camel Bone carvings, figurines, and etchings that are at least 400 years old. Artisans all around the world love working with Camel Bone because it is an amazing blank canvas. Camel Bone has a particularly nice smoothness to it that makes it a great candidate for intricate carvings, polishes and dye jobs. The versatility of ways Camel Bone can be worked with gives artisans free reign to create elegant and impactful custom designs and styles. 

In ancient times Camel Bone beads were especially prized and were even used as accessories in religious practices and rituals. People commonly believed that Camel Bone Jewelry carried the energy or spirit of the Camel inside of it. Today Camel Bone Beads are still as trendy and popular as ever! Many still wear Camel Bone as amulets, simple necklaces, and bracelets. In many modern new age communities, people believe that bone jewelry, in general, carries a special healing energy in it. It is said that Bone Beads and Bone Jewelry energetically exude strength and perseverance. Many also believe that wearing Bone Beads helps maintain good blood circulation and positive moods.

So please take your time browsing our curated section of Camel Bone Beads. With such a rich history and diverse amount of styles, each bead strand of Camel Bone Beads tells its own special story! We can’t wait to see how you use our Artisan Camel Bones in your custom creations!