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There is nothing more grounding and down to earth than the color brown. Our brown beads perfectly echo the deep and beautiful tones of nature. There isn’t a better way for to elevate your bohemian jewelry designs to the next level than incorporating shades of our earthy brown beads. Brown represents reliability, support, warmth and nature. We have a multitude of brown in many shapes and sizes that are perfect for your next jewelry collections. With hues from carmel to walnut, from umber to penny, from cedar to coffee brown, from wood to hickory, from cinnamon to brunette and from carob to pecan our brown beads are here and available to help you get your creative message across in your jewelry designs and interior design style.

In cultures all around the world brown represents to the Earth, the desert, trees and the desert. Often brown is associated with home, health, comfort, endurance, simplicity, stability and approachability. Brown is also linked with all things natural and organic. Brown is considered a very grounding color and is said by many cultures to help one feel level headed. In China brown is revered associated with the Song dynasty. During the Song dynasty many cultural accomplishments were made including the first implementation of paper money. In Japanese culture there is actually no word for the color brown. Instead the word is replaced by words with such meanings of ‘tea leaf’ and ‘fallen leaf’. In architecture all around the world wooden and brown buildings are very common. Brown is considered a color that is relatable to everyone bringing us all together.

At The Bead Chest we love the ideas and meanings associated with brown! And lucky for you our selection of brown beads is vast. Are you wanting to focus your next jewelry collection on a natural wood and earthly tone? Our immense selection of natural wooden beads will blow your mind. Do you want to convey a spiritual awareness in your designs? Our Tibetan agate and brown mala prayer beads will do just that! From our Ghanaian brown recycled glass beads to our natural sandalwood mala beads, from our vintage olive wood beads from Bethlehem to our brown bone beads to West Africa we have the natural brown beads for you!

Now that you’re a little more familiar with what brown tone beads we have to offer we’d love for you to take your time and browse our section. Brown and natural earth tones are marvelous and are a prime choice for all of your jewelry and home design ideas!