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There is nothing more classic and timeless than black and white. So if you’re looking to channel your inner sophistication our black and white beads will be perfect for your next jewelry collection. At The Bead Chest our selection of black and white beads is vast and we know we have a bead strand perfect for you! From our striking black and white bone beads to our sleek black and white stone beads and from our beautiful black and white glass beads to our rustic looking black and white paper beads your options are many!

According to color theory white is the presence of all colors and black is the absence of all color. So combing the colors black and white always conveys a strong message. Black is very heavy visually and is often associated with a sleekness and a technological energy. On the other hand white is often considered a safe option. White is usually associated with purity and freshness. Using a black and white color combo is a great way to create a natural looking contrast. Black and white beads used as accent pieces also help create a great balance in your jewelry designs.

In many cultures from around the world the contrast of the colors black and white have many meanings and associations. Black usually symbolizes inner magic, luck, restfulness, mystery and possibilities. In the Middle East black often represents rebirth. In Africa black symbolizes age, maturity and masculinity. In Latin America and South America black also indicates masculinity. In East Asian cultures black is often a color given to young boys and girls to wear. Black is usually connected to good health and prosperity. In Japan black symbolizes feminine energy and mystery. In India black sometimes represents rebellion from the norm. In England funnily enough having a black cat cross your path is actually considered good luck! 

White In Western cultures white is often associated with being pure, elegance, freshness and peace. Traditionally brides wear white dresses at their weddings to signify the start our a new journey. In Peru white is associated with good health, angels and the passing of time. In the Middle East white often brings to mind purity and cleanliness. In many African countries white symbolizes goodness, peace and good luck. In ancient Egypt white was the color of the Goddess Isis. In ancient Rome is was very common for priestesses to dress in all white. In the 18th and 19th centuries white became a dominant color of the culture. White was incorporated into clothing designs and implemented into the building architecture of many churches and cathedrals. In India the color white is related to divinity, serenity and detachment from worldly desires.

So please take a dive in our curated section of black and white. Combining black and white into your designs will be impactful and we know you’re going to find the perfect black and white bead strands for your next jewelry design collection!