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Beadalon is a great brand leading the charge of creating custom DIY jewelry making products. Beadalon offers a wide array of game changing jewelry crafting and design products that you really can’t get anywhere else. Whether you’re looking to incorporate more wire into your custom designs or looking for a helpful tool or bead organizer the Beadalon tools we offer here at The Bead Chest, are going to help set your jewelry designs and creations apart from the rest.

You can trust Beadalon products because they have been producing and manufacturing jewelry wire in the USA since 1976. That’s over 40 years of experience working in the DIY jewelry making industry. Beadalon is known for its trusted reputation and high-quality products. Over the years Beadalon has garnered an accredited international reputation due to its many original products.

Beadalon offers many innovative artisan DIY jewelry making products like bead organizers, precision threading needles, jewelry making glue, elastic bead stringing wire, artistic metal wire, crimp beads and tubes, semi-flush cutters, chain nose pliers and amazing natural cotton and hemp bead stringing cord just to name a few. Here at The Bead Chest, we strive to offer a variety of useful tools to and jewelry making supplies to help make you jewelry designing process as easy as possible. So please take your time and browse our curated section of incredible and useful Beadalon products!