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Looking to add a sparkling sheen and modern looking touch to your jewelry designs? If so, our selection of Aluminum beads is going to be great for you! With our numerous selection ethically sourced Aluminum beads from various places and tribes across West Africa; you are going to have a ton of options. From our beautiful gold toned aluminum beads to our classic silver color aluminum beads we have the perfect aluminum bead strand for you!

Aluminum is a unique artisan metal and has a very interesting history of uses. Aluminum is known for its soft and lightweight workability. Interestingly enough Aluminum was considered to be a luxury metal until about 1889. Once refining technology advanced the use of and implementation of Aluminum production skyrocketed due to cheap production prices. One of the most versatile and marketable qualities of Aluminum is that its color can be easily changed. Through a process of electrifying Aluminum it can be anodized into any desired color shade. Today Aluminum can be seen being used in the production of tools, jewelry designs, clothing, chainmaille and home appliances.

In many new age communities Aluminum jewelry and trinkets are highly sought after due to their many metaphysical healing properties. Many say that Aluminum has a very protective energy that can protect you from negative energy. It is said that Aluminum also enhances one's mental clarity and intellectual abilities. Aluminum is connected to the solar plexus chakra and is good to be worn when meditating. It is also that wearing Aluminum jewelry when traveling will help protect the wearer from dangerous situations.

Here at The Bead Chest we like to offer a vast amount of options when it comes to Aluminum beads and jewelry! There really isn’t a better time than now to start designing with the alluring energy Aluminum beads. So please go ahead and browse this curated section, we know you’ll be able to find the perfect Aluminum bead strands for your next inspired jewelry design project.