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Creating Wire Eye Loops

Creating Wire Eye Loops

Learn how to make a custom sized eye loops.

Skill Level: Easy

Time to Completion: 5 minutes

Step 1

The prongs of the round nose pliers are a great gauge for sizing the loop opening of wire eye loops. Place the tip of the wire towards the end of the round nose pliers (use the round nose as a guide on the size of the loop, the farther in towards the inside of the round nose pliers the bigger the loop.)

Step 2

From the tip point of the the wire bend the wire without losing grip and follow the roundness of the tip of the nose pliers, letting the end tip of the wire touch the wire again. Imagine rolling the wire along the side of the nose plier.

Step 3

Place the outside tip prong of the nose plier parallel to the tip of the end tip of the loop.

Create an indentation by using the outside prong as a curving point and creating a shape that looks like a question mark.

Step 4

At the end of the end point of the loop...

Cut a little of its end, equivalent to 1/8 of the circumference of its loop, to prepare its shape for a more rounded shape.

Step 5

From the newly cut end point of the loop, gently bring it back into close by letting it touch the wire again. (Naturally follow the curve of your round nose pliers, it will curve this naturally)

Step 6

From the outer prong of the round nose plier, tilt the head of the loop back gently. This will distribute the weight of a bead it is carrying through the wire instead of being concentrated in just the loop.

Step 7

The eye loop should have a round shape on top with the end almost touching the next wire.


Learning the parts on which to create a perfect wire eye loop is essential to making a structure that support a jewelry piece. Recognizing how to create and what makes a great structure of components will result in a long lasting jewelry piece.