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Holiday Favorites

Holiday Favorites

With the Holidays in full swing what have you been getting up to design wise? We love seeing all of the creative DIY Holiday Decor in the months of November and December. The custom Beaded Garlands we've been seeing are so stunning! Christmas is also such a great time to make handmade chic and stylish gifts for your friends and family! We wanted to share some of our most inspiring Jewelry Designers and Interior Designers with you this holiday season! Weather you end up getting inspired or buying a piece from one of them we're happy you're here with us! So here are our Top Favorite Designers, in not particular order, 4 the Holiday Season! 🎄✨


@bellaandjulesjewelry has been making the cutest combination of Earrings, Necklaces and Bracelets 4 the Holidays while using a creative mix of Recycled Glass Beads and Bone Beads! 🎄❄️✨


@aishalikesit never disappoints with her unique design style! Seamlessly mixing Ashanti Saucers, Brass Filigree Beads, and other interestingly textured Bead Styles together @aishalikesit's Jewelry Designs are a great gift to have under your tree! 🎄✨



@nicole.camille.designs is known for her bright and cheery Jewelry Design style, making her DIY Creations the perfect gift or stocking stuffer! 🎄❄️🌨✨



If you're looking 4 something chic that you can wear all year long then you have 2 check out @nellieprattjewelry. Also, we are soooo obsessed with these Ashanti Saucer Christmas Tree Earrings. 🎄🌨✨



If vibrants colors and one-of-a-kind designs are your thing then you have 2 give a follow 2 @giftalentshop! 🎄✨



@creationsbytoni designs a lovely mix of colorful necklace, bracelets and earrings sets! If you're looking for a bold statement piece 4 yourself or a loved one check them out! 🎄🌨✨



If you want stand out decor inspiration you have 2 take a closer look @neonnomadco's work. Mixing the art of Tapestry making and Beading @neonnomadco has a truly individual voice when in comes 2 Interior Design and Home Decor. 🎄❄️✨



Loving this Holiday Decor style by @whenahousebecomesahome! Who else is using our Decorative Beads this Holiday Season? 🎄❄️✨


Merry and Bright 🎄✨

Have you seen our Handmade Wood Holiday Garlands yet? They really are so perfect 4 decorating your Christmas Tree or even strung across your mantle along with your Christmas Stockings! Grab one 4 yourself here. 🎄✨

These bold Artisan Gold Leaf Clay Beads paired with one of our Singing Bowls makes for a unique Holiday Decor Statement! 🌨✨

Would you Decorate your Christmas Tree with our Beads? Send us pics if you do! 🎄❄️

DIY Ornaments

Have you watched our How-To DIY Ornament Tutorial yet? You can check it out here if you're looking 4 some last minute Ornament Ideas.

We hope everything above properly inspired you 2 get into the Holiday Spirit! We wish you a stellar Holiday and Happy Times with your friends and family!

We are so excited to see all of your Holiday and Christmas inspired Jewelry Designs and Home Decor displays this year! ❄️🌨✨

Merry Designing and Decorating! 🎄✨


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