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Leather Wrap Bracelet with Chevron Beads

Leather Wrap Bracelet with Chevron Beads

Make a leather bracelet with Ghana Chevron beads and leather cording.

Skill Level: Easy

Time to Completion: 60 minutes

Step 1

This bracelet features an assortment of colorful Ghana Chevron beads and 4mm brass diamond cut beads. It’s helpful to use beads that are approximately the same height, or stack two smaller beads to match the height of surrounding beads. There is approximately 6” of woven beads, and it is 7.5” long including the button clasp. This bracelet comfortably fits a 6.5” wrist.


All done! Let us know how it turned out in the comments!

Materials Needed

Christmas Beads
Brass diamond cut beads
1.5mm Round Leather Cord
Wildfire Thread

Tools Needed

G-S Hypo Cement Glue