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How to Make a Mixed Metal Necklace with Silk Cord

How to Make a Mixed Metal Necklace with Silk Cord

Skill Level: Easy

Time to Completion: 15 minutes

Step 1

Open the packet with the silk cord, unravel all of the cord and grab the twisted wire tip.

Step 2

Take your lobster clasp and stick the tip of the cord through the little opening attached to the clasp. Pull the cord through all the way but leave about 6 inches from the end. You will need this to attach the clasp with a knot.

Step 3

Fold the 6 inch end of the silk cord back and form a loop close to the Lobster clasp. Pull the cord through the opening to make a knot. Stick your knotting tool into the knot loop

Step 4

Slide the knot towards the lobster clasp with the help of your knotting tool, remove your tool and tighten the knot.

Step 5

Take the wire tip of you silk cord and and slide your brass beads onto the cord. We used 13 for this pattern but you could add less or more to your own taste. Just make sure the piece is not too heavy for the silk cord.

Step 6

Add 10 silver beads and the cross pendant.

Step 7

Continue with 10 more silver beads and 13 brass beads to complete the pattern of the necklace.

Step 8

To finish the necklace you will create the other part of the clasp with a wire wrap. Cut about 3 inches of your 26 gauge wire. Hold the wire between your thumb and index finger and use the other hand to secure the wire with your round nose pliers.

Step 9

Bend one end of the wire around the pliers to form a loop.

Step 10

Hold the loop in place with your flat nose pliers and wrap the wire around 3 times. Cut excess wire off with your wire cutters. Your finished wire wrap loop should look like this.

Step 11

Slide three brass beads onto the other end of the wire.

Step 12

Make sure the beads are close to each other without any extra space. Take your round nose pliers and form a loop again, close to the 3rd bead.

Step 13

Fold the end of the wire over and wrap the wire around 3 times or until you have reached the bead. Cut off excess wire as close to the wrap as possible and squeeze the end in with your flat nose pliers.

Step 14

Take the wire end of your silk cord and pull it through your wire wrapped loop.

Step 15

Determine how long you would like your necklace to be and pull the cord through all the way through until you have enough cord to finish the necklace to your desired length.

Step 16

Form a loop with your silk cord.

Step 17

Stick your knotting tool through the opening and slide the knot close to the wire wrap. Pull your knotting tool out and tighten the knot.

Step 18

Cut off excess the silk cord about 1-2 mm close to the knot. (make sure to NOT cut the part of your necklace)

Step 19

Open you glue and put a tiny bit onto the cut off end to prevent the knot from coming loose. Do the same to the other end of the necklace. Wait about 3 minutes for the glue to dry.

Step 20

Take one of your crimp covers and slide it onto the knot. You might have to use your knotting tool or a piece of wire to tuck all of the knot into the crimp cover.

Step 21

Close the crimp cover carefully with your flat nose pliers and light pressure.

Step 22

Repeat the steps for the other end of the necklace that the lobster clasp is attached to. The closure of your piece should look like this.

Step 23

This is your finished “Do it yourself” necklace. Enjoy!

Materials Needed

Tools Needed