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Designer Spotlight: @Paomar.Jewelry ✨🌊

Designer Spotlight: @Paomar.Jewelry ✨🌊

Welcome to another Edition of Designer Spotlight where creativity meets with our artisan bead styles. 🌊

We are thrilled to introduce you to one of our favorite jewelry creators who has refined the art of crafting stunning Necklaces and Bracelets using Recycled Glass Beads and other artisan bead styles! With a touch of Summer energy woven into every piece PaoMar Jewelry's designs emanate a vibrant and refreshing vibe that complements those sunny days and breezy evenings. So take a closer look below and delve into Jewelry Design world of Paomar.Jewelry🌀 How did you get into jewelry making? 🌞
I’m an interior designer and I’ve always liked art and jewelry. In 2020, once COVID started, my daughter asked me to make her some jewelry. I took some classes and some people asked me if I could start selling my pieces, marking the start of Paomar Jewelry! What kind of Jewelry pieces are your favorite to make? 🔷
I like to make necklaces and bracelets with different types of beads and I especially love to make custom pieces. What types of Beads are your favorite to work with? 🌊✨
I love pearls and I almost always incorporate them into my designs. I also like to work with gemstones, recycled and vintage beads, and beads with different types of forms like rondelle, faceted, square or oval instead of round.Where can our followers purchase designs from you?  🌸
They can visit my page or send me a message at
What is your biggest Jewelry Designing Achievement?  🌻
One of my greatest achievements is that I am celebrating my third anniversary with the business in August. I’m also so grateful to the customers who write to me and tell me they love their pieces, which makes me feel very accomplished.
Who is a Jewelry Designer that inspires you? 💖
I really can’t choose one designer because I really love different designers right now! These are some of my favorites: David Yurman, Patricia Arango and Samira 13.#TheBeadChest 🐚Remember to check out our new collection of Pearl Beads! 🌀

We love featuring talented creatives! Who should we feature next? Leave the @s of the Jewelry and Interior Designers you want to see featured the comments. 

Keep up the #Designing and have a fun this September! 🌼

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