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Roman Glass Pendant (40-50mm) #15400

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4-5mm Hole |
40-50mm Strand Length
Admire this unique pendant made from a piece of ancient glass found in the region along the historic silk road. Commonly referred to as Roman Glass, the material for this pendant is derived from ancient cups, vases, and perfume containers that have sustained the travails of time. This piece of glass has been carefully cut, and bezeled in a silver casing. Each pendant measures between 40-50mm in length (rough approximations). Truly something special to use in any jewelry design. You will receive the EXACT pendant pictured. Get it before its gone! Note that while the material is said to be of old, possibly ancient origin, the precise age of the glass has not been independently verified.

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Pendant Size 40-50mm
Hole Size 4-5mm
Found In Afghanistan
Material Glass