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Lime Green Fancy Rectangular Venetian Trade Beads #13331

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Original price $227.30
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Approx. 45 beads |
2mm Hole |
30 inches Strand Length
These old beads from West Africa are originally of Venetian provenance and were transported by merchants and explorers for trade in Africa during the 18th-20th centuries. To this day, Venetian and Murano glass makers are world renown for the quality of their craftsmanship and their creations are coveted by collectors and bead aficionados alike who appreciate the rich cultural, artistic, and historical legacy that these works of art represent. Each bead measures approximately 11-16 x 7mm diameter with a 2mm hole size. The strand has been prepared by stringing and wrapping the beads in the traditional fashion on raffia straw. It is unusual to find a full strand of lime green beads such as these. You will receive the exact strand pictured. Only one available.

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Strand Length 30 inches
Bead Size 11-16 x 7mm
Hole Size 2mm
Number of Beads 45 (approximation)
Found In Ghana
Material Glass
Color Green
Shape Cylinder