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Dark Red Horn Disk Beads (Graduated)

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Original price $24.41
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Approx. 88 beads |
3mm Hole |
24 inches Strand Length
Admire this beautiful strand of translucent red-toned natural horn beads. Handcrafted with care in the mountainous regions of Nepal and Tibet, these beads carry with them a sense of tradition and have an artisan feel about them. Their graduated sizes add a dynamic visual interest to the strand, making it perfect for creating statement jewelry pieces. Each bead measures roughly 5-6 x 8-16mm with a hole size of about 3mm. You will receive one full strand measuring 24" in length. These beads come strung as a necklace with an adjustable cord at the top. Wear this strand as a necklace or use the beads individually in your jewelry design projects, the choice is up to you. Grab a strand for yourself today.

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Strand Length 24 inches
Bead Size 5-6 x 8-16mm
Hole Size 3mm
Number of Beads 88 (approximation)
Found In Nepal
Material Horn
Color Red
Shape Disk