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Clear Old Annular Wound Dogon Beads (Long Strand) #1061

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Approx. 154 beads |
2-3mm Hole |
42 inches Strand Length
This style of translucent glass beads is often referred to as a Dogon Bead due to it's association with the Dogon Tribe of West Africa. Found in various colors, this strand is comprised mostly of both ring and round-shaped clear and a few rare lavender beads. Individual beads measure approximately 4-9 x 7-12mm on an extra long 42" strand. You will receive the exact strand pictured.

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Strand Length 42 inches
Bead Size 4-9 x 7-12mm
Hole Size 2-3mm
Number of Beads 154 (approximation)
Found In Senegal
Material Glass
Color Clear
Shape Round