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Antique White Heart Beaded Necklace #1055

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Original price $144.74
$144.74 - $144.74
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Approx. 1 beads |
<1mm Hole |
25 inches Strand Length
Admire this unique beaded necklace fashioned from old white heart seed beads. Found in Nigeria, pieces such as this were created using old Venetian seed beads and worn by tribespeople in Nigeria. The necklace is comprised of 6 interlaced strands of beads of different lengths. Necklace may be worn or beads repurposed in your own creations. Note that this piece is not a finished necklace in traditional sense as it is simply tied in the back and does not have a clasp or other kind of enclosure. You will receive the unique strand pictured measuring approximately 25" in length with individual beads 2-3mm in diameter.

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Strand Length 25 inches
Bead Size 2 x 3mm
Hole Size <1mm
Number of Beads 1 (approximation)
Found In Nigeria
Material Glass
Color Red
Shape Seed