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Antique Cornaline D'Aleppo White Heart Venetian Trade Beads (Mixed) #13716

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Few beads capture the mystique and storied past of the trading era as does the celebrated Venetian White Heart. Also known as Cornaline D’Aleppo due to their resemblance to the Carnelian Stone of Aleppo Syria, these distinctive beads are characterized by a white core surrounded by a sometimes semi-translucent layer of colored glass. White Heart beads were traded far and wide from the shores of West Africa to the frontiers of the New World. Sometimes referred to as Hudson Bay Beads, the White Heart was reputedly traded by Traders, Trappers, and Explorers with the Native Tribes of North America during the 1800's. Historically, white heart beads were produced in a number of sizes, shapes, and even colors. Today, authentic Venetian White Heart Beads are hard to find and highly coveted by collectors, especially the Mountain Man community. This antique strand has passed through many hands and traversed many continents. This strand measures approximately 33" long with a total of 36 beads measuring 13-17mm wide by 13-14mm in diameter. Individual beads will show signs of wear and use due to age. You will receive the exact strand pictured. Don't miss your chance to own a rich piece of history!

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Strand Length 33 inches
Bead Size 9-26 x 11-20mm
Hole Size 3mm
Number of Beads 36 (approximation)
Found In Nigeria
Material Glass
Color Red
Shape Cylinder