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Want to add a hint tranquility and warmth to your jewelry designs? Looking to channel love and the divine feminine? You’ve come to the right place. Our pink beads come in a medley of simply beautiful shades and tones. The color pink represents nature and stimulates the mind and encourages confidence and action. With tones from rose to fuscia, from rogue to coral, from bubblegum to salmon, from blush to watermelon, from flamingo to peach, to rosewood to magenta and from strawberry to ballet slipper pink our assortment of pink beads are here to help you create remarkable and fabulous pink jewelry designs better than all the rest!

In Western culture pink is commonly associated with femininity, love, charm, politeness, romance, caring, tenderness and birth. In Japan pink relates more to men than women, making it a very popular wardrobe and accessory color choice. On top of being popular with men and women pink is also commonly associated with springtime due to the blooming of Sakura and cherry blossoms. In Korea pink is known as a symbol of trust. In Latin America pink is very symbolic of stability and is often used in architecture as a bright and welcoming accent color. In the 18th century pink was a very popular color that was used when building opulent mansions, churches and estates. Interestingly enough it wasn’t until recently that in China pink was recognized as a official color. Although due to western influences the color pink now is becoming very popular across the country of China. In India pink is always a big part of Indian weddings. Usually the father and brother of the groom will wear pink turbans. In Thailand pink is considered the color of Tuesday and it is common for people to wear pink on Tuesdays for good luck.

Here at The Bead Chest we love our pink beads! Whatever your needs are we have a great mixture of shapes, sizes, cuts and tones of pink beads. Looking to channel that feminine energy in your next jewelry collection? Our rose recycled glass beads from Ghana are your best bet. Want to embody the look and feel of Japanese cherry blossoms? Then our tulip pink Java sea glass is the way to go. From our Moroccan Heishi shell beads to our pink Ugandan recycled paper beads, to our vintage hot pink vinyl phono record beads all the way from West Africa your choices are many!

Please go ahead, take your time and check out what we got! Pink is one of our favorite colors here at The Bead Chest and we know we’ll have something great for you and your designs. We can’t wait to see how you use our pink beads in your immaculate jewelry designs!