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Need comfort, warmth and security? You’ve come to the right place! At The Bead Chest we offer an amazing variety of tones and hues of the lovely color orange. Our orange beads have the perfect calming tone and energy to add to any of your jewelry designs. From tangerine to merigold, from ginger to apricot, from amber to sandstone, from honey to cantaloupe, from carrot to saffron and from bronze to rust we have all of the shades of orange to perfect and warm up your jewelry creations.

Traditionally orange represents, warmth, autumn, harvest, abundance, visibility, fun and security in Western cultures. In Hindu culture saffron is considered a sacred and ominous color. In Eastern cultures orange symbolizes happiness, love, good health and humility. In the Netherlands orange is the color of royalty. In Thailand at festivals the ceremonial lanterns are usually orange. Also in many cultures orange represents fertility and sexuality.

At The Bead Chest we have a great plethora of sizes and cuts of our orange products and orange beads. Try to mix up your designs with our lovely orange Ashanti Glass Saucer beads. Add that extra flare to your creations with our Kenyan coral bone beads and vintage Nigerian tangerine glass beads. Add a natural rawness with our Rudraksha Seed Prayer beads. From peach java sea glass beads to moroccan shell chunk beads, from orange vinyl beads to mango Kente Krobo beads and from orange Ghanaian recycled glass beads to Mali Carnelian beads you can take your designs to the next level.

So go ahead check out our selection below. We know you’ll be able to find that perfect calming shade of orange for your custom designs and home decor.