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Pastel Spring Beads & Style 🍀

Pastel Spring Beads & Style 🍀

Spring is the perfect time to refresh and rejuvenate your jewelry designs and home decor. We're excited to highlight some of our favorite Jewelry and Interior Designers who truly embody the Spring Vibe and Style this year! From pastel palettes to the bright and bold, these talented designers encapsulate the look of the season impeccably. Prepare to be inspired and find the ideal recycled glass, pearls, gemstones, wood, and, java glass beads and  to infuse your Spring Jewelry Design and Decor Projects with a breath of fresh air.

Spring Time Jewelry Designers to Follow 

Our Ashanti Saucers, Pearl Beads, Wood Beads, and, Kente Krobo Beads look so stunning in this Layered Necklace design by 🌞

Our Rose and Aqua Recycled Glass Beads always look so cute when they are blended together. Photo and Bracelet Stack by @katiescottagebarn.

Our French Cross Beads always help elevate design projects. Can't wait to see how @kylieandbryn design with this bundle.

You can really feel the Spring Time Vibes in the air when you look at this bracelet stack by @madewithalohabytay!

We always love seeing our Roman Glass Beads shine in the sunlight. Thanks for posting such a stunning piece @facets.etc.

@creationsbytoni always blends our Rough Gemstone Beads together in such a stylish way.

So glad @highvibebeads featured and created with our Rose Krobo Beads recently!

The vibrant style @harveydesignsco created for this Bracelet Stack is so inspiring. What bracelet from this shot would you want to wear?

@mandhbeads designed with our Unpainted Krobo Beads and this Brass Baule Pendant in such cute way! Have you ever designed a Pendant Necklace before?

Embrace the Softness of Spring with Pastel Pearl Beads 🌊

These delicate beauties, in hues of soft lavender, mint green, and sky blue, perfectly embody the gentle awakening of spring. Whether you're creating a necklace, a bracelet, or embellishing a chic springtime accessory, our pastel Pearl Beads add a whisper of color and elegance to any piece

Really love this earrings and necklace set @madewithalohabytay created with our Pastel Pearl Beads🤍

Charm and Embellish ✨

We are so obsessed with how @thestylefreed got creative with our Charms! Have you every used our Beads and Charms for DIY Clothing Projects?

Vibrant Beads to try this Spring 💚✨


Try browsing the Decorative Beads section on The Bead Chest for some new Spring Style Decor Inspiration. 

Our Faceted Java Glass Beads come in a ton of fun Spring Colors.


Our range of Gemstone Beads are the perfect fit for bright and cheery Spring Time Jewelry Design and Decor Projects. 

Hope you all have fun designing and decorating this Spring Season! Remember to share your creations with us by using the hashtag #TheBeadChest. We have loved seeing all of your unboxing photos and reels lately, so keep it up!

#TheBeadChest 🔷🔹 

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