How to Make a Silk Cord Necklace

Time: 15 min
Skill Level:

In this fun tutorial, learn how to make a stunning necklace with sliding clasp using silk cord.

Things You'll Need

  • 16 Ethiopian Elongated Brass Oval beads (10x5mm)
  • Silk cord (we used a 4mm indian hand dyed black silk cord, but you could use any other cord that fits through the bead twice
  • A knotting tool (you could use a knotting tool you already have, round tip pointy tweezers or a piece of 16 gauge wire about 3 inches long, which we used here)

Step by Step Instructions


Take one bead and stuff the end of the silk cord through the bead with the help of your knotting tool.


Guide the end of the silk cord all the way through your bead.


Pull the silk cord through the bead.


Slide the bead towards the middle of your silk cord.


Add 4 more beads and slide them close together towards the middle of the silk cord.


Make a loop with the silk cord, close to the first bead.


Pull the end of the silk cord through the loop.


Stick the knotting tool through the opening. Slide the knot closely to the bead, pull the knotting tool out and tighten the knot.


Repeat the knot on the other side of your strung beads, add three more beads on each side, knot again and add two more on each side. Your project should look like this now.


For the sliding clasp take both cord ends and stuff them through the beads with the help of your knotting tool and pull both cord ends through the bead.

Your project should look like this now.


To finish your sliding closure make a knot at both cord ends about 1.5 inches up.


And you are done with creating your necklace. Try it on and adjust the length by sliding the top-most bead up and down. This style looks great as a choker but also works worn a little longer.


Get inspired and use colorful cords or add a beautiful pendant like this beautiful Flat Fertility Doll pendant from Africa or this Brass Capped Pearl Locket pendant.

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